For most people in Cottage Grove, receiving SLTV’s free TV service is as easy as installing a set-top antenna. If your home is located behind trees or has other obstructions between SLTV’s towers and your home, an amplifier will probably be needed. And if you live out-of-town, an outdoor antenna will likely be required, perhaps with an amplifier. But once you have invested in the correct antenna system for conditions at your home, free over-the-air television will be delivered to your TV at no further cost. And all the channels are of sparkling digital quality, and all stations that broadcast in high definition will be available to your HDTV in hi-def! 

SLTV offers 24 channels of free television to Cottage Grove, ten channels in the London area, and five channels in the Dorena/Culp Creek area. To receive the free over-the-air service provided by SLTV, you need an antenna hooked up to either your digital television or to a digital-to-analog converter box for older TVs