South Lane Wheels is not just for seniors. Anyone can ride! We are a public transportation system connecting people with where they want to go in South Lane County including Cottage Grove, Creswell, Dorena, Culp Creek, Saginaw, London, and Lorane. These rural communities are very fortunate to have the options of a low cost deviated fixed route, local and metro Dial-A-Ride services, plus group rides within FTA Charter Guidelines.

Established in 1982 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in Cottage Grove, our mission is to provide safe, accessible and economical service to those who need transportation to local destinations and as far away as the Eugene/Springfield metro areas. For 33 years we have provided thousands of individuals rides to doctor appointments, shopping, restaurants, residences, nutrition sites, recreation, workplaces, school, and special events.

Last year South Lane Wheels provided approximately 17,300 one way rides to destinations where folks need to go. Whenever possible we grouped riders to better our environment as we drove over 137,000 miles. All of our ten vehicles are wheelchair accessible, which means a lot to the 2,490 rides for folks using mobility devices.

South Lane Wheels is funded by federal, state and local grants, supported by local and in-kind donations, and operated by a dedicated staff and volunteers that believe in our programs. Whenever possible, we partner with area agencies and businesses to maximize our impact. The board of directors provides oversight and conducts a public meeting once a month.